Dawn: Ship mate Jame Semor working aboard the crabbing boat Atlanta finds his ship disabled and later blown up throwing him overboard. He's found on the shores of some unknown island and brought into safety by a monk. He must now try and make contact with someone in the city to get home. Was it all an accident or a call for help from the people on the island? You can try the single level demo by clicking on the download link, it's short but it's intended to show off scripting. The mod's "experimental" and requires Half Life 2 + Episode 2 installed on your computer. Download Demo project (117 megs)
Zombie Panic is my current project. It is a multiplayer game utilizing the Half Life 2 source engine. My dudies for the mod is lead mapper/environment artist. My job is to create realistic environments ranging from urban to just run down places where zombies have taken over. Many of the maps on this site are for the mod. DL it on steam here --> Zombie Panic On Steam!
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The Lost Legend was my first 2d project created in GameDesign2. My job was lead coder for the project. I also did some level design and designed some art for it. The game was created in a 12 week period (one semester) including the story game design all done previously from another class. The engine we utilized was called Game Maker, a decent program for making simple games mostly in 2d. Most of the code was done in a similar fashion like C++ and done in the program itself. Please try out the game at the download section by the screenshots.